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UFIT Silver Ion Mask

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UFIT Silver Ion Mask provides 3-layer protection as recommended by the World Health Organization, including External Layer (100% Dri-fit fabric, Hydrophobic), Middle Layer (Polyster fiber filter, Hydrophobic) and Inner Layer (100% cotton, Hydrophilic).

This is made by Advanced Silver-Ion Technology from Europe:
• Inbuilt antiviral and antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) protection
• Powerful barrier against proliferation of pathogens
• Permanent protection throughout the useful lifespan of the mask
• Continuously 24/7 self-sterilize masks

The 3 major functions are Safety, Washing Durability and Antimicrobial Performance. It is 3 pillars of a World Class Antimicrobial Textile product.


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